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This is my own method of tuning and mixing which I have developed over the past few months and this is basically what I follow now. Find your own mixing and tuning methods yourself! :D
Settings varies from one UTAU to another so it's up to you to discover the potential of a voicebank!

1) You need UTAU (obviously), a voicebank you like to use and Audacity for this to work. My tuning heavily revolves around flags and minor editing in Audacity

2)You have to add this really, really long flag combination in the Project>Project Property>Rendering Options


^I said it was long. And not just long but really confusing. Here's what it means(you'll be learning basically half of the flags there is out there):

-F1 = F flags cancels any nasally sounds.
1 is the only number that can cancel nasally sounds or else you'll be doing the opposite (depends on flag combinations)
-Y50 = Y flags makes a voice sound clearer with clarity. The bigger the number is, the clearer is sounds and vice versa
-BRE0 = BRE0 flags is the breathiness in the voice.
-t2 = t flags adjust the pitch in 10 cents (1/10th of semitone) units
-F5 = This F flag is paired with F1 to cancel the nasally sound further more. By its own it adds nasal sounds.
-B0 = B flags works similar to BRE flags. People say it works differently like a "gravel-y voice" or a "raspiness" but both effects the breathiness of the voice.
-H0 = H flags makes the voice sound muffled.
-x25 = x flags affects the clearness of the voice according to the distance from the recording note (higher: clearer; lower: muffled)
-c99 = Apparently x flags normalises all notes to the loudest volume possible but I'm not sure. There's a capital C that gives clarity so maybe that's what it's for? talking about professional teaching
-g-2 = g flags are gender flags that change the femininity and masculinity of the original voice (+g = masculine, -g = feminine)

Okay we need to stop =_=;

3) After that, select all notes and right click. Press "Property" and set the following:
-Modulation: 20%
-Preutterance; Overlap: Clear (do not insert anything because oto.ini will help you unless you want to change an individual note)
-Consonant Velocity (beta): 100 - 140 (Hasami, my utau, especially needs 140 because she has long consonants such as 's', 'ch' etc. If you don't have very long consonants, do the opposite [go below 100] if it sounds just about right, leave it alone)
-BRE:    (don't put anything there because sometimes it doesn't sound good eg my UTAU doesn't good on BRE: 0 because she has a soft voice and it can mess up the voice sometimes)
-Flags: F1F10 (you can change the number on the second F flag as long as you have the F1)
-STP: 0
The rest leave default.

4) Select all notes and click on the five buttons on the top right hand corner with lines that looks like wave lengths.
Press Reset, followed up by P2P3 button then lastly the ACPT button. What this does is it connects notes according to the oto.ini (as long as you don't have anything in the Preutterance and Overlap option)
Then, render to any folder.

5) Open Audacity and import karaoke and vocals. Align the vocals accordingly to the karaoke.

6) Select the vocals and go to Effect>Bass and Treble and insert 4 on treble and press okay. Repeat again.

7) Make sure you have a couple seconds of blank space behind your vocals. Select the vocals and go to Effect>GVerb and set the following:
-Roomsize: 100
-Reverb time: 5
-Damping: 0.144
-Dry signal level: 0
-Early reflection level: -26
-Tail level: -50
The rest leave default.

8. Congrats you now have a fabulously tuned UTAU! I also use the same thing for my other UTAUs with slight adjustments of course. This is often used with female UTAUs but I don't really use male voicebanks so I'm unsure.
Today I share my secret about my mixing. Keep reading if you dare ohoho... >: )
Happy UTAUing!
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IchibantheLeader Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
what version of Audacity are you using because I have reverb, but not GVerb. I know that fundamentally, they're the same effect, but alot of the settings are either missing or different orz

I'm using version 2.0.5 by the way if that helps.
RainyDays27 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
At the time I had a reaaaally old version (something like 2.01 or some ancient relic like that) and I noticed it was taken off when I (finally) decided to upgrade my Audacity. GVerb is replaced by Reverb (just plainly called that) in the Effects menu just as you said. You still can download GVerb as a plugin if you'd like; either way you'll still get pretty funky reverb when you play around with the settings and presets already in Reverb; it's just Reverb, as you mentioned, doesn't have the same settings as GVerb. I'm sorry there's not much advice I can give you for Reverb because I've yet to find any special recipe written for it, but the presets should do fine.

I hoped that helped! Thanks for asking :)

EDIT: NVM I realised you already figured it out plus I replied 11 days late smh I'm such an idiot
IchibantheLeader Featured By Owner May 1, 2016
oh don't worry about it! =3
Thank you for answering my question though ^^
IchibantheLeader Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
Nevermind. I found a plug-in lol ^^;
Pretty-mik3y Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
woop woop! hey did you get to read my reply? i added the missing files and added then on here:…

also could i get the oto.ini when you are done adding those? again i'm sorry for the very late reply onion sad Cry forever 
RainyDays27 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist…
This file includes three things:
1. Her voicebank
2. Her completed oto.ini + edited .frq files + encoded hiragana
3. Her demo song Skyfish (including the mixed vocals, cover song and raw vocals)

I am so sorry for pushing this back for 6 days! I'm so guilty T_T

Here's some things I found difficulties with:

-‘yo’ has a weird click in her consonant which is a bit weird when there’s lots of strong pitchbends and vibratos in it.

-'te’ and ‘wo’ are A LOT louder than the other files which makes them stand out a lot

-‘hy’ has muffled consonants which make it hard to hear

-‘be’ does not have any consonant which makes it sound like an 'e'

-‘f’ line has very short/brief consonants, especially ‘fu’ which has no consonant whatsoever

Well I mean, Kiya's pretty much all set because she has all the sufficient files for all standard CV files and shouldn't have too much trouble fixing some of these things - it's just a matter of rerecording (again) I used to rerecord my UTAU's files a lot too which was annoying :c But I got there eventually which is great

If you like to use your configured oto.ini instead of my version, that is fine too. If you need someone to re'oto those files I will always be here to help you but if you find someone else better than that is fine as well.

(((((You're amazing at mixing how do you even echo...??)))))
Pretty-mik3y Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
ah yes i rerecorded te but i didn't know wo was loud also i'll have to fix that too, pffft i'm using yous XD my was just a try!

Ah thanks i got better at mixing! if you didn't know this already, i also do cover songs where i add effects

me without…

me with added effects:…

i use to add effects because i don't know how to make them on the audacity version i got ;;A;;  BUT UJAM YOU CAM ONLY EDIT 3 MIN OF THE VOCALS SO I HAVE TO CHOP UP THE VOCALS. Its alot of work but i love doing it! 

if you want me to add effects for Hinami i will be happy to do it for you.

also the other sound i can possible fix just be rerecording also. but today i'm being a lazy bum from all that work yesterday!

i really appreciate you doing this for me i really do!
oh how do you do the little picture for kiya? i want to try to do it
RainyDays27 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yush yush I saw your own cover of skyfish! It was beautiful ;;v;; you have such a lovely voice~

Audacity isn't actually too hard to handle. I can help you (or make image step by step tutorials) with mixing in Audacity

Hinami? XD Do you mean Hasami (my UTAU)? or are you talking about something else?

Take your time rerecording! I have a lot on my hand too so let's just take it easy and reeeelaaaaxxx XD the life of being

Also for the little icon in the corner:

1. Create a readme text file and name it "character"

2. Make sure you have a 100*100 cut of your UTAU. Make sure it is in .bmp format and not .jpg, .gif or any other formats. You can convert your file here:…

3. Name your bmp file "logo" or else UTAU will not show it.

4. Put information in the following:

name= (UTAU name)
author= (Creator of UTAU)
image=logo.bmp (this cannot be changed)

There are just some suggestions to add. The crucial bits include the name, author and image. Sometimes the extra stuff doesn't show up but the name, author and image should or else you're doing something wrong.

e.g (this is my utau lol)
likes=soda and pocky
birthday=October 18th

Also, when you click on the corner on the side, you can see this box with writing and stuff underneath. To do this, make another readme text file and write whatever you want in there like the details of the UTAU etc. Close UTAU and reopen. It should work now. If it doesn't, just tell me and I'll help you

Anyways another long message lol
Pretty-mik3y Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist Artist

idk where i got hinami from!

ah yes i figured out how to do it! at first i was confused but then it got easy

Thank you very much! i think my voice is crusty but i'm glad you enjoy it ^_^

i'm thinking of making her a wiki page on utau wiki but idk if i should wait. also i'm gonna be making a soft voicebank for kiya later to and idk if it's gonna be good XD

also i don't have gverb on my audacity i was trying hard to find it!
RainyDays27 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That's strange - I thought gverb was an default item that comes with Audacity. I don't remember what version my Audacity is but it's relatively new. Maybe that's why?

I saw her wiki page! If you'd like, I can help you organise the page a bit (not to be mean or anything, it would just make it nicer and easier to find things)

I'm excited for the soft append! Ever since I made hasami I can't seem to record anything else which is really weird /.\ but I hope that goes well!
Pretty-mik3y Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
ah yes i need all the help i can get! pfft i know you didn't mean any harm! the nicer the better! would you need my login? if so i can note it to you!

i hope it comes out great as well! oh man that's sad that you can't record anything else!! DX

AHH That might be it. i have audacity on and old laptop with windows XP and i can't seem to update the laptop
RainyDays27 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I can just edit it from my own account? I'm just thinking that because it's easier. Anyone can edit pages unless they are locked by administrators (those popular pages like Kasane Teto's are locked and only administrators can edit)

Maybe try getting the updated version of Audacity? That is if the laptop can handle it. I'm pretty sure the newer versions have the gverb .dll thingy

I was trying to record vcv yesterday and it turned out I exported everything in mp3 format and I couldn't be bothered to change it to wav file. I tried again later but it turned out I was recording too close and it clipped and sounded weird :c The struggles lol
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